Introducing our newest Team Member, Ms. Rebecca!

Please join me in welcoming Ms. Rebecca Norton, our newest team member! We are so excited to have Rebecca starting as an Associate Teacher. She brings four valuable years of experience working with children and an impeccable level of Spanish mastery. Her international travel experience and love of culture combined with her classroom management skills will add value to the Aventuras program and our student’s learning experience. Let’s get to know Rebecca in her own words:


Hello! My name is Rebecca Norton and I’m from Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and I will graduate in December 2019 with a double major in Spanish and Latin American Studies and a minor in Ethnic Studies. I enjoy studying Latin American literature, history, and linguistics. I’ve studied Spanish for nine years. Last year I studied abroad in Peru and this past summer went to Ecuador. I love traveling through the Andes Mountains in South America. One of the next countries I would love to visit is Bolivia; I want to learn more about Andean culture and Incan history!

I’ve worked in a daycare supervising children ages 18 months to 12 years for the last four years and I love working with children. I am passionate about Spanish and I strongly believe every child should have the opportunity to learn a second language. I’ve found that being fully immersed in Spanish is key and using it every day is necessary. I’m excited to keep growing as a learner. I can relate to the challenges and frustrations that come from learning Spanish; English is my first language. However, I’ve found that learning Spanish is a journey well worth partaking in.

Learning Spanish has been extremely valuable and rewarding in many ways. I’ve learned a lot about myself and the world. Spanish truly provides many great opportunities and experiences, including the confidence to learn a third language! I’m currently learning Arabic and will leave to teach English in North Africa later next year.

 I’m so excited to teach Spanish with Aventuras!