Enrollment & Tuition

Enrollment forms for 2018-2019 sessions need to be completed each year by parents/guardians. Aventuras requires up to date information about children attending the program and we ask that you contact our office to inform us of any necessary changes to the forms at your earliest convenience.

Click here to register and enroll online: Online Registration and Enrollment Form

Click here to download our registration form & enrollment agreement as a fillable .PDF: Registration and Enrollment Form – Fillable

Click here to download our printable registration form & enrollment agreement: Registration and Enrollment Form – Printable

  • Print, complete and sign the forms
  • Return forms and a check for the $40 non-refundable enrollment fee to Aventuras either in person or by mail to P.O. Box 29466, Lincoln, NE 68529

While we believe it is important for our students to have as much exposure to Spanish as possible in order to optimize their language development, we understand that families need options.

We encourage families to enroll for the most immersive program they can commit to by offering programs two, three or five days per week. Our classes run for continuous 6 week sessions with 2 and 3 week camps during the summer. Classes are three hours long and you can select our morning session (8:30-11:30) or our afternoon session (12:30-3:30).

Some families may find it useful to complement our program with a traditional preschool program and we aim to accommodate the needs of each family.

Our tuition fees are comparable to other local preschool programs:

Voyager sessions

6 – weeks

Monday-Friday $575

Monday, Wednesday, Friday $345

Tuesday, Thursday $245

Explorer camps

3 – weeks / 2 – weeks

Monday-Friday $300 / $200

Monday, Wednesday, Friday $185 / $125

Tuesday, Thursday $125 / $85