Summer Camps!

54277734_584440372070067_4415433316107288576_nOur summer program offers both an introductory opportunity for new learners and a continuation of our academic year curriculum throughout the summer. Our program is designed to accommodate various language levels which allows for children to jump in anytime. Our classes are 3 hours in length. We encourage families to enroll for the most immersive program they can commit to by offering programs two, three or five days per week.

Registration and Enrollment information can be found here: Enroll Now

We are offering the following camps this summer all themed as Aventuras de la Naturaleza or Nature Adventures with a specific focus area for each camp session.

Summer Camp #1: May 30th – June 19th (3 weeks) – Animales (animals)

Summer Camp #2: June 20th – July 3rd (2 weeks) – Insectos (insects)

Summer Camp #3: July 8th – July 26th (3 weeks) – Tiempo (weather)

Summer Camp #4: July 29th – August 9th (2 weeks) – Arboles y plantas (trees and plants) 

Our tuition fees are charged on a per session basis: