About UsOur family of five, recently traveled to visit my in-laws in Mexico. While my husband and I have made a conscious effort to speak both English and Spanish in our home, our children are largely exposed to English on a daily basis. As a result, their level of proficiency in Spanish (or lack thereof) became abundantly clear on our trip.

You may be surprised how far you can get on just a few words and body language but “getting by” in Spanish has never been the goal for our family. I decided that upon our return to the US, we would try even harder to incorporate Spanish into our daily lives. In no time, it was obvious that we needed to do more if we really wanted them to learn.

As I looked in to it, I found that the type of learning environment we were looking for just does not exist in Lincoln, Nebraska. So, I set out to create it and born was “Aventuras,” an immersive program for the youngest of language learners.